Top-Only Replacements We supply replacement tops for sizes and brands that are no longer available such as Roto, Venterama, Insula-Dome, and Thermo Vu.
Full Repair & Replacements Installation is available throughout NYC, Long Island, NJ, CT, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Westchester. For all other locations please contact our offices.
Custom Skylights While we have all standard sizes available, we can produce custom sizes to fit your needs.
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We have been experts in the Skylight industry for over 35 years.

 We have the expertise and experience to locate and rectify any leak problem
you may have, whether it's coming from the skylight or roof itself.

Why choose Skylight Tops?

Traditional flat glass skylights are most peoples first choice after deciding they need more light in their home or office.  Skylights are very similar to having a standard dual glazed energy efficient window installed on your roof allowing you to see out.

This type of skylight also can make a room or space feel larger and more appealing, and it's been proven through scientific studies that exposure to healthy natural light (minus harmful UV rays which are blocked by the glass) can increase productivity, efficiency and also even our moods! Traditional flat glass skylights are typically considered the most appealing.

 You should periodically check your skylights after rain to make sure there aren’t any small leaks. Obviously it’s best for you to catch problems with your Skylight in the early stages of the leaks development. We can help fix all of your skylight units repair needs


Let us help you determine the best solution for your skylight application, give us a call today!
Our experienced skylight technicians at Skylights Tops have the skill to handle any and all problems you might be experiencing from your Skylight. The most common skylight repairs are issues where water is leaking into your home or your experiencing structural damages because the skylight is old.

Skylights tend to need more attention and work as they age due to wear and tear.

Most of the time you will start to see issues arise after heavy rain, water has a way of exposing problem areas by using them to get into your home. Typically unless your skylight is cracked or visibly broken the only way you can tell if its structural integrity has been damaged is with water.

Our skylight specialists

have a proven track record of repairing problematic skylights. We can do this because we have the experience in repairing every faulty skylight situation, including all different makes & models (both residential & commercial) having a keen understanding of the inner workings of skylights and knowing the different types of repair material available.

We offer

Skylight top replacements, complete skylight unit replacements, including: custom skylights, flat roof mounted skylights & pitched roof mounted skylights, and more!   Skylights are available in: Temp-Temp glass - Temp-Laminated glass - Bronze tint available as well.

Standard Size Skylights


Custom Size Skylights

Top Only Replacements for

Insula Dome Skylights Venterama Skylights Thermo Vu Skylights Roto Skylights